"Payal is most caring, authentic and genuine people I have ever come across"

“Payal Irani is a four times international bestselling author and also one of the most caring, authentic and genuine people I have ever come across. She wears her heart on her sleeve. What you see is what you get. Payal co-authored a book with me and 9 other conscious female thought leaders and has proven herself as an invaluable team member, going above and beyond and supporting her soul sisters on their authentic author adventure. She is extremely thoughtful, considerate and fiercely supportive. Her dedication to our multi-author book project is unwavering and I could not recommend her highly enough. She has not only demonstrated leadership but also leadership with a heart on her sleeve, leadership with a face and a smile that could light up the whole nation. Payal is an incurable philanthropist and deeply cares about her smaller and wider community, something that really comes across in every little interaction with her and everything she does for the world at large. You want to have Payal in your corner!”
Sandra Stachowicz
Five-Times Bestselling Author, Book Coach

"Payal is well known for her kindness and charisma"

Payal Irani is one of the most significant women of the New Era who notices, supports and endorses the amazing work of others, who very often do their work in silence without realizing how special they are. She has an amazing ability to find extraordinary individuals and bring their brilliance to the surface of visibility. As a result - others can jump on the collaborative connection with them, bringing even more value to the table of disputes on how to add value to this troubled world. Moreover, the right people with the right skill sets can mix and match together, working on best solutions, programmes, courses that can benefit others on a wider scale as mentors, coaches, consultants, speakers etc. Payal is well known for her kindness and charisma. She has the ability to communicate with patience, empathy and understanding. She contributes to the thriving of each person who came through the endorsing doors of BLOOM - a beautiful platform that unites unique people and their passion for personal growth, promotion of peace worldwide, freedom and equality for all. I have had this enormous pleasure to work closely with Payal and I look forward with excitement to our future cooperation.
Mira Warszawski
Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur & International Speaker

"Her work is stellar excellence, exudes compassion and is definitely an empathetic leader"

I feel especially honoured to write a recommendation for Payal Irani- she is a woman of great intellect, knowledge and passion. I have interacted with her on numerous occasions- she is a team player, adds value, exudes positivity. She is a woman entrepreneur, founder of Bloom, Speaker, mentor, a licensed Psycho- Geometrics facilitator, 4 X International Best Seller Author, NLP programmer, and Gestalt Therapist. Ms Irani is very passionate about mental health rights and uses the Bloom Talk Show to create awareness, educative and empowering insights. I will highly recommend Ms Irani for Speaking and Coaching. Her work is stellar excellence, exudes compassion and is definitely an empathetic leader. Wishing Ms Irani the greatest of success.
Dr. Usha Roopnarain
Founder of Power to Empower ®🇿🇦

"She’s very resourceful, multi-passionate, talented and a very able organiser"

I have known Payal as a beautiful human being driven by her core values and a deep desire to transform our world for the better. She’s very resourceful, multi-passionate, talented and a very able organiser. I like her single minded focus on her purpose and the drive she exhibits to live the same every single day. I have witnessed the professionalism exhibited by her and her Team when they invited me as a guest speaker on their podcast. I wish Payal all the very best in her endeavours and may she keep impacting millions with Bloom!
Shilpa Ajwani

"She is an authentic transformational speaker"

I have known Payal Irani for over 5 years both on and off the stage. She is an authentic transformational speaker. Her speeches have an immediate impact that lead to transformation. She influences her audience by touching their hearts as she speaks from her heart. She is making a valuable contribution to society. She has tremendous potential and is on her way to greater achievements.
Brig Sushil Bhasin
Time Investment Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and an Author

"I Wish her huge success in her journey of making a difference to many globally"

I have heard Payal’s speech. Her listeners create a deep connection with her instantly. I strongly recommend Payal Irani’s workshops; they are transformative and highly impactful. I Wish her huge success in her journey of making a difference to many globally.
Ruchi Sethi
COO Speaker Institute India

"I found her explaining concepts with total ease with real-time applications"

I have had the privilege of supporting Payal with brand development strategies and in these interactions, I found her to be a visionary, someone who is making an authentic impact in society. She is very concerned about her team, clients’ and friends personal and professional growth. Going out of her way to make someone's life easy is one of her big strengths. As a Facilitator, I found her explaining concepts with total ease with real-time applications. She makes the complex, super simple with her intuitive and interactive style of facilitation. I am always touched by her keynotes as she will touch a chord in your heart and bring in positivity, happiness and inspiration. In the role of a coach, you will find a genuine friend in her who will always be there to help you to move in the right direction. Thank you Payal for being a great friend and client and for always trusting me and my work. The freedom you give me allows me and my team to give our best. We wish you great success and happiness.
Aarti Narang
Founder & Personal Brand Stylist, Brand My Style

"Payal is most caring, authentic and genuine people I have ever come across"

Payal is a passionate trainer and takes deep interest in her work. She grasps concepts with intuition and is able to put them across effectively. With the help of the Psycho-Geometrics training, she now has a deep understanding of human behavior using the science of shapes. She has developed her knowledge and skill with her hard-work and we are very excited to see her grow and lead workshops effectively. We wish her luck for her future endeavors!
Shashank Gupta
Director ISRA

"She is empathetic, polite, knowledgeable"

Payal has taken many sessions with us to raise awareness around women’s mental health and has also taught Psychogeometrics to the group of undergraduates and master’s students. She is empathetic, polite, knowledgeable, and exceptionally well at her work. It has been a great time working with Payal. We look forward to more sessions with her.
Team Healthy Minds World

"Payal is an inspiring human being"

Payal is an inspiring human being who is always working towards the service of others. She keeps her friends close, and loves to meet new people and find ways to help in the service of society. She is a good friend who has always shown commitment towards her work. She is dedicated, passionate and loves working with people from diverse backgrounds.
Joel Fernandes
Representing McHugh Global Learning Systems, a corporate NLP training house.

What does the Bloom Team say?

"Payal is a perfect example of a leader who leads with empathy"

Payal Irani has grown in stature since she founded Bloom 3 years ago. Payal is gentle & humble while being assertive at right time. Negotiation with rapport is her key strength. Leading from the front, she takes quick & firm decisions. Leading authoritatively yet being kind & soft is her key virtue. Payal is a perfect example of a leader who leads with empathy. I have attended her Psycho-Geometrics Coaching sessions and I have benefitted a lot from her coaching, she is a pioneer in Psycho-Geometrics, my communication skills and relationships at work have been improved and have i have seen a sea change in me after her Coaching. An amazing human with a passion of giving and making a positive shift a very rear combination a leader has. I wish Payal all the best in future endeavors.
Abhijit Sanzgiri
Co Founder Bloom, President PSAI (Professional Speakers Association India Mumbai Chapter)

"You will 10x your communication"

Payal is one of the best speakers I have ever met. One of the things that makes her so good is her unique ability to combine her finely tuned intuition and techniques of Psycho-Geometrics and graciously leading Bloom under her leadership. Follow her and do what she says and you will 10x your communication and for coaching results, the sky is the limit. Payal speaks from her heart and connects with her audiences immediately. I highly recommend her trainings as she makes her sessions as simple and interactive yet powerful and fun with results which are exceptionally good and experiential. Payal lives up to her mission of Bloom every moment. Wishing Payal Compounding success always.
Deepak Khemani
Co-Founder Bloom

"She creates a safe space to express the original self"

Ms Payal Irani her trainings are incredible. Her techniques about facilitating is genius in their simplicity, filled with confidence, humor and acceptance. She is very graceful & meticulous with her work. Highly recommended as Executive Communication Coach because she has science behind teaching. The best part about Ms Payal is she is approachable and creates a safe space to express the original self. Good wishes Payal for all your endeavours. I have really enjoyed every class of yours in fun way of learning. Good wishes always.
Dr. Neeta Mhatre
Founder ReachOut & Co Founder Bloom