There is No Substitute for Kindness

Important Lessons Learnt These are 5 beautiful stories that should make us all think and perhaps adjust our priorities!!!  1 – First Important Lesson – Cleaning Lady.  During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the […]

The Sunday Story

It is Important to Learn The kitchen tap was leaking so John called a plumber to fix it. John was watching him work.He took out a wrench (spanner) from his bag – it was broken. John quietly watched how he would work with this broken wrench. He separated the tap from the pipe. The part […]

The Age Of Relationships

Are we waiting for some opportunity to meet someone dear to us?The Age of RelationshipsThe story of four close friends from school, who studied in the same school up to SSC (high school)At that time, there was only one luxury hotel in the city.After the high school exam, they decided that they should go to […]

“​A Single Death is a Tragedy ; A Million Deaths is a Statistics”​

Present pandemic scenario is precarious. ‘NO BED’….’NO REMEDESIVIR INJECTION’….’NO OXYGEN’…in most INDIAN Hospitals. Apart from so called shortage of supplies, yesterday’s incident in Nashik, Maharashtra was extremely shocking. 22 innocent human lives on ventilators died due to short supply & leakage of Oxygen. Isn’t it a sheer case of negligence on part of Hospital administration? […]

Lockdown Learnings

Learnings in Lockdown Less is more As I am a brand conscious person, lockdown taught me to adjust. Adjustment is a way to live a simple yet extraordinarily life. Simple living, high thinking. #creativity in disruptive times Every human has the ability to create something new. creativity is a process outcome to needs, problems & […]

Creative Society. UNITED WE CAN | International online conference

On December 20, 2020, at 15:00 GMT, on the platform, a unique international online conference “CREATIVE SOCIETY. UNITED WE CAN” will take place. Are we aware of the gravity of the situation in the world? What kind of society will we leave to our children? You choose what the world will be like tomorrow! […]

Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone | International Online Conference 24.07. 2021

🌐 Modern civilization has reached the point of instability and global crises. The global financial, economic, environmental, anthropological, and climate crises are realities that every person is already facing. But this is only the beginning. Do people realize the full scope of the upcoming threats? Radical changes in all spheres of life in the near […]