Lockdown Learnings

Learnings in Lockdown

Less is more

As I am a brand conscious person, lockdown taught me to adjust. Adjustment is a way to live a simple yet extraordinarily life. Simple living, high thinking.

#creativity in disruptive times

Every human has the ability to create something new. creativity is a process outcome to needs, problems & crisis. Its a new way to build an idea, improve skills, create a brand new life.

Diversity expands creativity & opens door to self knowledge & understanding. In a hyper complex world we need to address our selves first. For eons, humans were able to create new solutions to disruptive changes and now it is no different. We need to find a solution to Thrive together.

How to build balance in finances

Money can buy you everything & anything. It can buy you luxury items at the same time & the same money can help you at the time of crisis. Money can bring you comfort – luxuries but not happiness. If you have excess give & share to spread the joy & kindness

Self love

The most important foundation of every moment in our life. Love your uniqueness as the world needs your authenticity. Love has no boundaries & comes in all forms of shapes, sizes, colors. Love rules the world. Depression wouldn’t be one of the most common mental health illnesses of this generation if love was omnipresent.

Love yourself in order to spread love among others.


Be grateful be kind be compassionate

Covid19 has an expiry date. It has taught us to be prepared for the worst. Humanity is the greatest gift on this planet.

I relate to what the actor Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars Ceremony gave a beautiful speech in which he mentioned our human capabilities to adapt create and overcome , we should use our skills to solve global issues even if it is to “use our voice for the voiceless.”

A world is full of people who create with love and passion , to serve others and indeed themselves.

Let’s be more human than ever, more aware than ever for the good.

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